Company Team

Our Team

The company’s professional team is highly experienced and most of the team members have a lot of experience in the aluminum industry: without any exception, each team member undergoes professional training and conferences in the aluminum field as well as client service and relations. The combination between our high quality products and rich experience creates the perfect harmony which contributes greatly to the success of the projects executed by the company.

Planning Department

The planning department provides professional consultation to all the parties involved, often starting at the pre-tender stage, including the most appropriate technical and design solutions. Meeting the project's required budget and timetables are given in-depth attention throughout.
The project manager, constructor and draftsmen turn the building plan into computerized work orders which are fed directly to the production hall. All the comments of the professional team are conveyed with great transparency to the architect, the aluminum consultant and the other parties involved, in order to maximize both the success of the project and customer satisfaction.

Production plant

The production plant is one of the most advanced in Israel and includes:
• 5 CNC machines for cutting and processing profiles and metal sheeting
• 3 Double-headed saws
• A unique laboratory for checking window durability to wind and rain (for testing at different standard levels, is identical to the existing facility at the
Standards Institute)
• Advanced installation and transportation abilities.

The production hall covers an area of 4,000 square meters and is divided into five production departments:
• Department for screen walls and hidden windows
• Window and door department which allows for a wide range of products
• 3M system glass glazing and gluing panels department
• A workshop including a guillotine, CNC machine for bending sheets, welders and locksmiths.
• Enforced safe-room windows manufacturing department (according to the license and method of Kalil).

Management and operations department

Each of the project managers is an expert in the aluminum field and accompanies the project from the moment the signed order is received until its successful completion.
All project managers are personally involved in all phases of the project beginning with the planning, and of course during production through assembly in the field.

Procurement and Logistics Department

In order to meet the attractive price target and the required supply dates, the company's purchasing and logistics team makes great efforts to increase and improve our relationships with our suppliers worldwide.
We work extensively with leading suppliers in many countries, allowing us to be competitive in most cases.